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Viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms and other malicious software are considered malware. All malware is harmful to your computer and/or to your private data and information. Malware is software specially designed to infiltrate your computer without your permission and vandalize your system or take control of your files and/or computer. Malware can gather personal information about you, track system usage and send activity reports to another party.


CTU works with the latest and most powerful Antivirus and Spyware software on the market to help keep your system clean and protected. We can identify and remove all malicious software from your system, as well as recommend the best precautions against future threats.

Some symptoms to identify if your computer has been infected:


  • Annoying and unwanted Popup advertisements show up all the time
  • Computer seems sluggish and performance drops for no apparent reason
  • Browser homepage has been changed and you are constantly directed to wrong web pages
  • Computer memory and hard disk space has dramatically reduced
  • Commonly used software keeps crashing and does not work as it’s supposed to
  • Computer system is unstable, restarts on its own or just stops working
  • Strange messages/graphics are displayed on the screen
  • Extremely slow web browsing and frequent disconnects


If you think that your computer may have an infection, please contact Compu-Tune Up right away!  We specialize in virus removal and are ready to combat all of the latest virus threats.  Contact us to clean your system of all traces of spyware and optimize your system back to its fastest and safest levels.


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