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Has your hard drive or other media crashed? Unable to access the data on your disk? Strange noises emanating from the hard drive? Data recovery allows us to retrieve deleted or inaccessible information from failed computer hard disk drives, USB thumb drives, external backup systems and more. 


·         Drop off  your computer, internal or external hard drive, RAID array, USB stick or other media to our facility.

·         We will perform a thorough and complete hard drive diagnosis (2-3 days average) on our data recovery station using a dedicated technician.  This will help us determine what we can recover.

We have performed hundreds of successful recoveries over the years,
pulling back your data, from personal photo albums and movies to invaluable corporate databases. We can recover Windows (FAT/32/NTFS) and Apple Macintosh file system formats (such as HFS/HFS+ volumes).

Some of the many types of recoveries we have successfully performed include:

Drives and Partitions: Lost or deleted partitions, firmware corruption or fully formatted drives, and other disk problems.

Deleted Files: Accidentally lost or deleted files, including "system restore" factory default actions that overwrite your data.

Lost Photo Recovery: Missing, corrupt or non-readable pictures, JPG, RAW, TIFF and other image formats from your digital camera.

USB Thumb Drives: Broken flash drives due to bending of the connectors, being stepped on, dropped or other physical damage.

Deleted E-Mail: Microsoft Outlook PST recovery or Mozilla Thunderbird deleted emails and damaged mailboxes.

Our Service Includes

·         Diagnosis of the media.

·         Data Recovery: If we deem that some or all of the data can be recovered, we will contact you to inform you of estimated recovery success rate and costs.

·         Restoration: Recover data to removable storage device (whatever you want, but typically: external hard drive or USB thumb drive). If you're switching to another computer, bring it in and we can custom migrate the recovered data to it!  We can even cross-platform migrate (PC to Mac or vice-versa).

·         Priority and emergency service is available.


·         High quality: Our technicians have decades of experience and a proven track record of success.

·         Transparency: You will work with your technician throughout the diagnosis and recovery process to ensure you get back the data you need.


·         If you become a victim of data loss due to hard drive failure, a virus, or any other disaster, do not try to operate your computer. In cases such as head crash, this will only worsen the problem.

·         Beware of using disk utilities as they can be destructive to your data in all but the hands of the most capable and experienced professionals.

·         The actual data recovery process does not begin until the Data Recovery Department has received the signed Recovery Authorization form.

·         Media types supported for hard drive Data Recovery: IDE, SCSI and SATA interface hard drives (PC, MAC, Server, and Notebook)

·         Operating Systems supported for data recovery include: WINDOWS 2000/2003/2008/NT SERVER, WINDOWS 7/VISTA/XP/2000/ME/98/95/ Workstation, Apple Mac OS9/OSX

·         Diagnosis usually takes between 1-3 working days from the time we receive the media.  It is helpful if you bring in an external hard drive for us to recover your data to.

Did You Know?

·         35% of computer users experience unexpected data loss. Ouch!

·         Data loss can occur due to hardware failure, software problems, viruses, power related problems, flood/water damage, fire/heat/smoke damage, and vandalism and sabotage.

·         Statements like "We Can Get Your Data Back...Guaranteed!" are untrue: it is impossible to guarantee full recovery (100% success rate). There are some circumstances that make it impossible for anyone to recover data regardless of the situation



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