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Complete Computer Service and Repair


CTU provides all types of computer support for small business. Are you growing and need to add more computers? Is it time to make better use of networking technologies? Are you comfortable with your backup processes? Do you need occasional troubleshooting?


Our goal is to provide the business owner with the best thought out, most cost effective solutions to their business computer needs as possible. We believe technology should serve your business in an affordable and unobtrusive way. From individual PC repair to network consulting, software solutions, backups, and virus protection, CTU is here to help! Call us today and tell us about your needs.


§  Virus Protection and Removal

The last thing your business needs is a virus Compu Tune Up can usually make it out to your business the same day or following the day when you have a virus problem. We understand the concerns of business owners with regard to virus activity on their computers and in their networks. It can wreak havoc on a business when left unchecked.  If you need immediate assistance with an existing problem or if you are looking to proactively protect your business with a comprehensive virus protection package, call us. We want to help protect your business assets and keep them safe and secure from digital threats.


§  Network Installation and Maintenance

Creating a new network Is your small business in need of a network? Have you heard of the joy of sharing printers, sharing documents, and sharing other tools and want this for your business? Consult with CTU to obtain the most cost-effective and beneficial networking system for your budget.  We specialize in both Microsoft & Apple networks, products, and services.


Do you currently have a wireless network at your business? Are you considering one? Consult with CTU and learn the ins and outs of wireless in a business environment. Speed and reliability are the greatest concerns with wireless, along with data security.  We've installed and repaired many wireless networks for small businesses and would be happy to share our knowledge.

Your computer network is a critical component in your company's productivity. Connectivity problems can slow your business to a crawl if not diagnosed and repaired. A CTU Technician will get your systems backup and get you back to work!


§  Server Maintenance and Backups

CTU Consultants can help take the burden of server ownership off your shoulders. Business servers should be monitored and cared for much like any critically important machine. Physical maintenance such as fan and cooling system cleanings are important. So is the upkeep of the server software and the protection from outside intrusion. Regular and verified backups could be critical to your business continuity one day. Hard drive sudden failure is a common occurrence. These mechanical devices should be replaced every three to five years.  The cost of regular maintenance and upkeep is dwarfed by the expenses incurred if a total failure were to occur. Call today to schedule a comprehensive overview of your server health!

§  PC Repair and Upgrades

Your business and employees rely so completely on computers that when a problem presents itself, it can stop productivity altogether. CTU provides a variety of desktop repair services on all brands of desktop computers. We offer power on diagnostics, hard drive replacements, cpu fan replacements, memory upgrades, motherboard replacements, Windows repairs and reinstalls, and data transfer services.  Software problems and virus issues on desktop computers are common problems. CTU will repair your desktop and restore it to "like new" condition in a matter of just a few days. Don't buy new until you know the status of your current machine. Many times, the addition of computer memory and/or the reinstallation of Windows can bring an old desktop back to life and up to speed. We carry all types of desktop memory and hardware so most desktop upgrades can be completed right away.


§  Remote Computer Assistance

Save Time And Money!  CTU can remedy many problems remotely. With only a $40.00 minimum charge, you're sure to pay less than an on-site visit. A CTU technician will make a telephone appointment with you and have you download the small program link at the bottom of this page. Once connected, we will go about the repairs or maintenance.  You’re free to watch us work or go for a cup of coffee. With your permission, we can leave the small program on your machine and quickly reconnect for future sessions when you require it.

It's quick. It's easy. And it's affordable!



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